HUMS AS 10 - Health and Usage Monitoring System

HUMS AS 10  - Health and Usage Monitoring System

The HUMS AS 10 consists of three different units all together monitoring the actuall status of the aircraft/helicopter data. It is the HUMS AS 10 MPU - Main Processor Unit, the HUMS AS 10 CDU - Control Display Unit and the HUMS AS 10 DTU - Data Transfer Unit. 

The HUMS – Health and Usage Monitoring System consists of two main parts. Hardware analog/digital converter for both Russian/USA systems, data collector and storage with a data analysis software evaluating a categorizing received data with a mobile application as well. HUMS is a genereic term given to activities utilizing data collection and analysis techniques to help ensure availability, reliability and safety of aircraft/helicopter engines. It is mainly concerning the Engine Health Monitoring as well as other very important parameters.




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