custom design

DevCom has vast experience in embedded product development concerning different platforms like Qualcomm, NXP(Freescale), Marvell, TI, Broadcom chipsets and other Micro controllers. Segment coverage encompases various domains including Automotive, Aviation, Medical, Industrial and Comfort Electronics.

DevCom is not just an embedded design services company. We go an extra mile to listening to customer’s requirements, differentiate between wish/need and advise the customer on what is really needed. In that way, overall cost of the product, project duration sustainability of the product in the market is ensured. We believe that our innovation makes your world more successful.

The main development and supply activities include:
- Industrial process control systems, terminals
- Visualisation and HMI
- HW and SW development for one-chip microprocessors Microchip,Motorola 68k processors and Power PC CPUs, ARM
- CPUs FreeScale MCF5282, MCF5213, MCF5329 and MPC5200, MPC880, MPC555
- Design and application of gate arrays Lattice / Xilinx / Microsemi
- PCB design in Orcad, PCB production
- Software development for Linux and Windows operating systems
- Graphics interface SiliconMotion SM722 and SM502
- Prototyping & batch production, custom-fitted systems

DO160 / DO178 hardware software capability for avionics systems
With expertise in DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C, DO-160 compliant Avionics systems, DevCom is a one-stop solutions provider in critical avionics for commercial, business, military and UAV programs. A majority of the work relates to supporting Russian and European/American systems in compliance with FAA and EASA, which address the business needs of global aerospace companies across hardware, software and system engineering. We also do services in mechanical engineering for Avionics systems.

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Compact PCI design
DevCom is a global provider in industrial-grade computing systems and components, manufactures standard, custom and semi-custom designs for converged communications, industrial control and military applications. These include Compact PCIe, PCIe, PCI/ISA and VME-based architectures. DevCom offers responsive service, the highest quality design and manufacturing and on-time delivery.

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VHDL design
Our diversely skilled FPGA design team brings broad FPGA development expertise to projects in areas including video, high-speed memory interfaces, PCIe, advanced algorithm development, and embedded software services.

PCB Orcad design
We offer mixed signal hardware board design service for embedded microprocessor, microcontroller, DSP’s and all programmable devices. Development includes multilayer PCB layout, Signal & power integrity and other required analysis. Our team has had experience on complex projects to make products compact, faster, reliable, efficient and cost-effective. We help our clients to prove the concept by building prototypes in very short turnaround time.

Design alternatives:
- Architecture and Design
- Component Selection
- Design Review and Consulting
- Digital Designs
- FPGA Design
- Prototype Design
- Mixed Signal Designs
- Display & Camera Designs
- Wireless Designs
- Battery circuits Designs
- Embedded microprocessor Designs
- Board Bringup
- High-speed interfaces
- Testing and Validation

 The main Custom Production activities include: 
- delivery of fully assembled PCBs according to documentation
- use of lead-free technology
- applying the solder paste
-machine PCB mounting
- drying of PCBs and components before assembly
- double-sided mounting from component size 0402 to BGA, pitch 0.3 mm
-manual prototyping, SMD and THT components
- refilling PCBs in a hot air reflow furnace or vapor
- production of metal planes for printing of solder paste
- mechanical and manual soldering of lead components
- DPS painting

Production and Research:

ZM-R6200 Rework Station
ZM R6200The Rework Station ZM-R6200 is suitable for mounting and reworking SMD components, including CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA and BGA. Rework Station has three independent heating systems which enables it to heat portions of the PCB board by hot-air circulating both from top and bottom at the same time. With a large IR bottom heating, it can completely avoid PCB deformation during a reworking period. Temperature parameters are adjustable and correct per actual need. The device is equipped with a vacuum pipette, a rework of the fine pitch QFP is safe and easy. A precision optical alignment system allows mounting accuracy up to ± 0.01 mm. The machine can support a PCB sizes up to 410 × × 370 mm and a component sizes from 1 × 1 mm up to 80 × 80 mm.