Our company offers customers all services connected with delivery of control and automation technology from consultation, design, implementation, testing up to waranty service and personel educations. Our products can be used almost in all technological processes when there is a need for control, regulation, data acquisition - mainly in single purpose machine control. Other possible areas are energetics, heating, water industry, air technology, car industry and many others.

Our offers are strictly based on customers demands and on a specific use. Because of this we offer consulting services that allows customers to reach the optimal price-quality ratio in their projects.

Main activities of our company are customer-tailored projects and sub-suppliying to major companies.

Devcom LtD. cooperates with many companies and also with technical universities (CTU Prague) mainly in the research and development area.

DevCom produces and provides own components, like IO modules, control terminales from line TS, operators / info panels and single-boards operative computers INGENIA. Single-boards computers in succesive steps replacing VME, which were in DevCom produced and used. Next components are in accordance or wishes with our customer and solvented by cooperation from renomated producers. Operation systems are primary Embedded Linux eventually Microsoft Windows.

Visualization is supported by standard tools, like OPC servers, SCADA HMI and many others. Specification requirements we are doing by visualization applications. They are made-to-measure of our customer.

Useful of our products is practically in all technologies and processes with needed of automation, regulate, take control of it, extract datas and informations etc., especially in spheres of process controlling of single purpos units (machines), continuing in energetics, heating industries, water industries, air conditioning, car industry and in other and other industries like process of technological automations, production lines etc.

By offering and distributing of control system we thoroughly appearing from wishes of our customer and from requirement of data-directed process. That´s why belongs to our service consultations which enables to customer in good period of project to choose required parameters of operating system so that will be the best proportion of function and price.

The main activities of DevCom LtD. are realized by form of distributions „on key“ or by form of subdistributions for renomated companies (general producers).

DevCom cooperates with many Czech producers and universities (CTU Prague) in first place in section of research and development.