GSM Diagnostic Interface

This diagnostic interface is used for communication with a vehicle control unit, i.e. to transfer data between the vehicle and either a local computer (Notebook) via bluetooth or a remote server via GSM.

Either with the supplied PC application or with any mobile device, there can be performed a complete diagnostics of the vehicle's control unit (i.e. reading and erasing the fault memory, reading of parameters, test of actuators or setting up and configuration of the system) or remotely monitoring, via web interface, monitoring the state of the vehicle control unit or logging into current parameters of all systems.

The interface can be complemented by a GPS module to extend its function ( tracking and recording the position of the vehicle).

Technical specifications:

• up to two 2MB SPI Flash Memory
• 3-axis, 10-bit/8-bit digital accelerometer or 3-Axis, 16-bit Digital Angular Rate Gyroscope
• micro USB AB connector (USB Device)
• two status LEDs
• optional buzzer and tactile switch

• Power from OBD 8-40 VDC or micro USB
• Backup Li-ion battery (cca 400mAh)

• up to 2x Fault tolerant CAN ISO11519 on OBD pin (Low/Hi) 6/14 and 1/ 9
• up to 5x CAN ISO11898 on OBD pin (Low/Hi) 6/14, 3/11, 3/8 and 12/13
• up to 4 K-line on OBD pin 7, 1, 12, 13 an L-line on pin 15

• optional Wifi/BT
 ◦ LTE cat. M1/NB1 with GNSS or 2G/3G/4G module
 ◦ one uSIM card slot (available without disassembling the box)

• GPS: GPS with Glonnas and support A-GPS (optional)