CompactPCI® Rugged


CompactPCI® - Serial System Card with processor NXP QorlQ® T1024, T1040, T1042


CS-C02 is a universal processor board with size 4HP/3U connected trough CompactPCI Serial Standard with a four 64-bit core QorIQ communication processor T1040 (or two-cores T1020 processor) with integrated 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch or two 64-bit core QorIQ communication processor T1024 (or one-cores T1014 processor).

• NXP QorlQ® T1024, T1040, T1042 quad-core processor up 1200 MHz 
• Four / Two 64-bit e5500 Power Architecture® processor cores with high-performance data path acceleration architecture (DPAA)
• cPCI-S backplane with 2x GbE, 3xUSB, SATA, four PCIe1x or one PCIe 4x and one PCIe 1x, IPMB
• Front panel 4HP with micro DB9 for Serial port, 2x RJ45 for GbE and 2x USB2.0
• One PCIe 4x and one PCIe 1x via rear I/O
• 4 GB DDR3 Low Voltage Memory with ECC, 64b, soldered
• 4 Gb Nand Flash, 64 Mb MRAM
• Slots for uSD and mSATA memory card
• CAN bus - Optional three CAN to extension connector (via FPGA controller)
• Real Time Clock with GoldCap backup

A172 Rugged Compact PC 

Xeon E3 or Corei7 CPU 

A172 Rugged Compact PC (RCP) is a small, low power, high performance, rugged computer suitable for any application that requires a high performance, small and reliable compute platform. This high-performance RCP is available with a removable, DoD 5220.22-M-compliant, 1 TB SATA SSD that offers MLC and SLC NAND Flash and read/write speeds up to 400 MB/sec.

• Xeon E3 or Corei7 CPU 
• Up to 32 GB DDR3L SDRAM
• 128 or 512 GB Mini SATA SSD
• Removable 1 TB Mass Storage SATA SSD option
• Rugged Reduced SWaP PC
• Wide Input Voltage Range 
• MIL-STD-704 and MIL-STD-1275 Compliant
• 50mS Power Hold-up option
• I/O Interfaces - Gigabit Ethernet, Discrete I/O, Serial Ports, DVI & CompositeVideo Outputs, USB 2.0, CANbus, Stereo Audio: Line IN + Line OUT
• Modular Design, mini PCIe for expansion
• Eight (8) Port Frame Grabber Option
• Custom Configurations Available
• RoHS 5/6, RoHS 6/6 (Lead free) option
• Operating System Support - Windows™, Linux®, VxWorks®
• Environmentally Sealed (IP65)
• Natural Convection Cooled
• Starter kits with Universal AC-DC power supply, matng cables and connectors are also available

C802 Core i7 3U CompactPCI SBC 

CoreTM i7 @ 2.53/2.0/1.33 GHz Processor

C802 is a high-performance 3U CompactPCI Intel-based SBC (Single Board Computer) for embedded and harsh environment applications.

• Rugged 3U CompactPCI Single-Slot SBC
• CoreTM i7 @ 2.53/2.0/1.33 GHz Processor
   - Two Cores/Four Threads (Intel Hyper-Threading® Technology)
   - Intel Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Intel VT-d)
   - Streaming SIMD Extensions 4.2 (Intel SSE4.2) SSE 4.2
   - On-chip32kBData/32kBInstruction L1 Cache per core
   - 256 k L2 Cache per core
   - 4 MB L3 Cache shared between cores
   - High Performance Graphics Controller
• Memory Resources
   - Up to 4GB DDR3 SDRAM @ 1066MHz with ECC
   - Up to 64 GB SATA Flash Disk
   - Dual Redundant BIOS Flash
• I/O Interfaces
   - Two Gigabit Ethernet Ports
   - Two USB 2.0 Ports
   - One SATA II Port
   - Two RS-232/422/485 Serial Ports
   - Eight Discrete I/O Lines
   - RGBHV and HDMI/DVI Display Outputs
   - High Definition Audio (In or Out)
• PMC/XMC Site Supporting 32-bit PCI bus @ 33 MHz and PCIe x8 Gen 2.0
• System Resources
   - Two Temperature Sensors
   - Real Time Clock
   - Avionics Windowed Watchdog Timer
   - Trusted Program Module (TPM)
   - Elapsed Time Recorder (ETR
• Pin Compatible with the C800
• OS Support - Windows™, Linux®, VxWorks®
• PICMG 2.0, Rev. 3.0 Compliant
• Auto System/Peripheral Detection
• Conduction and Air-Cooled Versions
• Vibration and Shock Resistant

C925 PowerQUICCIII- MPC8548E 3U CompactPCI® SBC


Aitech's C925 3U CompactPCI SBC is an evolution from the C900/C901 SBC. Modifications included a processor upgrade to the NXP's PowerQUICC III MPC8548E – e500 System on Chip, an additional Flash memory bank, a larger nvRAM and a dual CAN bus interfaces.

• Rugged 3U CompactPCI SBC
• Ideal for DO-178/DO-254 Applications
• PowerQUICC-III MPC8548E @ 800MHz (optional* 666MHz, 1.2 GHz)
• 400 MHz Core Complex Bus (CCB) Speed
• One Standard PMC/XMC Slot
• XMC J5 Optional Configurations* :
   - 1, 2, 4, 8 Lanes PCI-E
   - 1, 2, 4 Lanes PCI-E and 4 Lanes SRIO
   - 4 Lanes SRIO
• PICMG 2.0, Rev. 3.0 Compliant
• System Controller or Peripheral (Auto)
• 1GB of DDR2 SDRAM at 400MHz with ECC
• 64 MB Boot Flash Memory
• 128 MB User Flash Memory
• 64 MB User Protected Flash Memory
• 512 KB Autostore NVSRAM with Power Saving Support
• Two 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet Ports
• Two USB 2.0 Ports, Two CAN 2.0B Ports
• Two Async RS-232/422/485 Ports
• Eight Single Ended TTL or Four RS-422/485 Differential Discrete I/O Lines
• Four High Performance DMA Engines
• Four Timers (Internal to the CPU)
• Three Watchdog Timers, Elapsed Time Recorder
• Real Time Clock
• Three On-board Temperature Sensors
• VxWorks 6.x RTOS Support
• Conduction and Air Cooled Versions