FPGA Systems

CS-G01 3U 

CompactPCI® - Serial Peripheral Card with Display controller with three DP


•Microsemi FPGA PolarFire™ 
• 2GB GDDR3L memory
• three DP up to 2K
• cPCI-S backplane with PCIe4x, USB 2.0 and IPMB
• front panel 3U4HP:
◦ three DP
◦ one USB
◦ four status LEDs

S710 Radiation Tolerant Communications PMC

RS-422 differential Inputs and RS-422 differential Outputs with onboard FPGA Control Logic

• Designed for LEO, Mars Terrestrial with an Option for GEO Environments
• One (1) IEEE-1394a FireWire OHCI Controller and Three (3) 400Mbps FireWire Ports with Power Management Circuitry
• 12 RS-422 Input and 12 RS-422 Output Channels can be Configured to NRZ-L, NRZ-M and BiPhase-L Modes
• FPGA Control Logic for a Variety of Spacecraft Standard or Custom Data Interfaces
• Triple-Voted Algorithm is Provided for Input and Output Data Buffer
• Software Configurable Interrupt Capability to Indicate Completion of Pre-defined Tasks
• IEEE 1101.2 (Conduction-Cooled) for Both Engineering Unit and Flight Unit
• 32-bit PCI 2.1 Compliant CompactPCI Interface at 33.333 MHz
• Full-Featured 1394 Software Library is Available for VxWorks
• S710 Nominal Power Consumption is Less than 3.5 Watts
• Level-2 Components per NASA GSFC 311-INST-001A Specification are Available


S740 Radiation Tolerant Communications PMC

Conduction-cooled PCI mezzanine card (PMC) with a 33.333 MHz 32-bit PCI-Bus Interface mezzanine

S740 Communications PMC is a single width, conduction-cooled PCI mezzanine card (PMC) with a 33.333 MHz 32-bit PCI-Bus Interface mezzanine, designed and characterized primarily for Space applications.

• 16 Input and 16 Output Differential channels of RS-422, LVDS, MLVDS
• Optional up to 64 TTL Drivers and/or Receivers (or mixture I/O standards)
• Custom and Standard Product FPGA Control Logic available for a variety of spacecraft standard or custom data interfaces
• Serial I/O can be configured to NRZ-L, NRZ-M and BiPhase-L Modes with changes to the FPGA
• DMA engine for data transfer to and from the SBC via the local PCI (PMC) Bus
• 128 Mbytes of ECC Protected On-Board Memory Integrated with DMA controller for Input and Output data packet buffering
• Rear I/O via the Motherboard (SBC or Carrier Card) to the cPCI backplane
• Software Configurable Interrupt capability to indicate completion of DMA controlled packet data transfers
• IEEE 1101.2 (conduction cooled) for both engineering unit and flight unit
• 32-bit PCI 3.0 compliant PCI Master/Slave interface at 33.333 MHz
• S740 nominal power consumption is less than 5 Watts


AP342: 14-bit High-Density Isolated ADC with Simultaneous Multi-channel Conversion

  • 12 differential inputs with ±10V DC input range
  • 8μs conversion time (125kHz) for 6-ch. bank
  • FIFO buffer with 1025 sample memory

AP342E-LF AcroPack provides fast, high resolution, simultaneous A/D conversion of up to six channels. Simultaneous channel conversion and on-board memory enable megahertz throughput rates. Programmable interrupts simplify data acquisition by providing greater control.

APA7-500: Reconfigurable Xilinx® Artix®-7 FPGA Module

  • 52,160 logic cells
  • PCI Express bus interface
  • Conduction or air cooled

The APA7-500 series provides a FPGA based user-configurable bridge between a host processor and a custom digital interface via PCI Express. These boards feature a best in class Artix®-7 interface to deliver the industry’s lowest power and high performance.

AP570: MIL-STD-1553 Communication

  • One dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 channel
  • Extended temperature
  • PCIe bus interface

These modules provide a dual redundant MIL-STD-1553 channel with four open/ground avionics level ( 35V) discrete I/O signals in addition to IRIG-B input and Trigger I/O. Hard wired RT address signal input pins are also available at the connector.