DevCom presents SW and HW solutions at AUTOMECHANIKA 2018 in FRANKFURT

DevCom Ltd from Prague, Czech Republic introduces new SW and HW developments in the field of automotive diagnostics and GPS / GSM telematic security at the largest automobile fair in Europe - AUTOMECHANIKA FRANKFURT 2018.


This year is a turning point for the Czech manufacturer and developer of automotive diagnostics and aircraft instruments. It comes to the market with a new range of products that the company has been developing for several years and will soon see the light of the end customers. The main presentation took place at the largest European automobile trade fair AUTOMECHANIKA 2018 in Frankfurt, where products from the new series met with a great deal of acclaim especially from foreign B2B distributors in Europe, South America, USA, Australia and the Middle East. DevCom will gradually present individual products during the year and should be launched after the new year. In particular, the new SW and HW version of the existing TS PRO and its younger brother in the form of a tablet with the Android OS - TS PRO 10 Professional Tablet, which, like its predecessor, contains both full diagnostics of cars, motorcycles and trucks, as well as 4-channel oscilloscope. Another innovation is OBD HEAD TS 02-110, which combines the possibilities of on-line automotive diagnostics, it can serve as a PC interface and Bluetooth interface to a new tablet and last but not least it offers the possibility of log book, connection with CAN BUS and K-Line and classic GPS tracking. The latest innovation is the multifunctional Camera Can Module TS-02 for transport vehicles, which excels in the connection of several analog HD cameras that are remotely controlled or operate on the basis of either a GPS module or CAN BUS of the vehicle. The module is able to independently and automatically evaluate the given situation and on that occasion take short records, which are either stored in the internal memory or sent via GSM to the appropriate cloud.

We have now managed to complete several major solutions we have been working on recently and seem to be of great interest to customers and the market. We believe that the new product line will bring our customers what they are used to all the time - innovation, quality and modern solutions, ”said CEO Ing. Luboš Jelínek.