This device is a replacement of our successful first generation TSPro. It offers serial diagnostics and up to 4-channel digital oscilloscope.

Our main goal when designing the device was to improve and add new functions to the TSPro device required by current trends in vehicle diagnostics while preserving functions our customers liked on the first generation TSPro.

The TSPro diagnostic device is connecting the world of mobile devices and personal computing. As the current trend is to perform vehicle diagnostics using a laptop or a PC the TSPRO device is fully compliant with this type of workflow. A personal computer offers user friendly graphical interface for diagnosing vehicles and can also be used together with information systems, such as Vivid Workshop. The main advantage of the the new TSPro Color is that the device merges advantages of mobile diagnostic devices with PC-based diagnostic tools. TSPro Color is equipped with a colorful touch-screen and a simple keyboard, meaning that users can perform car diagnostics in challenging situation outside workshop and even without a personal computer. When connected to a PC all diagnostic functions are available via a computer program. In this mode the TSPro Color serves as a converter between the vehicles ECU and your PC.

IMG 0904 cars      IMG 0904x graph

Advantages of the new TSPro Color diagnostic device

  • tft 5.7" color display, 640x480 px resolution
  • touchscreen
  • led indicators of bus communication and charging status
  • battery operated (uptime approx. 2 hrs)
    wifi to connect to the supplied pccenter software
  • can be equipped with an optional oscilloscope module
  • ergonomic design, rubber zones to protect from physical damage
  • serial diagnostics of vehicles manufactured after 1990
  • eobd/obdii scantool
  • supports the e-obd, obd-ii, can, iso, sae standards
  • large database of car manufacturers - supports 39 makers
  • compact size
  • information and diagnostic software both in tspro and in pc
  • language customization
  • works as a standalone tool without a pc
  • modern solution to car diagnostics
  • easy to update, both cd and web-based updates
  • compatible with an information software (e.g. vivid workshop) to display schemes, repair guides, etc.
  • allows printing out protocols and test results

IMG 0904x scope    IMG 0904x scope2