Avionic Displays

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Instruments for displaying various parameters, such as telemetric data, engine monitoring information or attitude/horizon indication from various systems.

  • LUN 1793 - Avionic display / GPS Repeater ADR

    The LUN 1793 is a device for displaying telemetric data. It is intended for installation on the instrument panel using DZUS fasteners, and its small size allows for installation in tight spaces. The LUN 1793 receives information from other systems,

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  • LUN 1795.1 Engine monitoring display EMD

    LUN 1795.1 is a device that is used for receiving, processing, and displaying data from a Full Authority Digital Engine Control (FADEC) unit and a Flight Data Acquisition Unit (FDAU). The data is received through four ARINC 429 data bus

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  • LUN 1795.2 Electronic Horizontal Situation Indicator EHSI

    The gyroscopic direction indicator or directional gyro gave rise to the horizontal situation indicator (HSI), which later evolved into the EHSI (Enhanced Horizontal Situation Indicator). The EHSI surpasses the HSI by incorporating directional information from two navigation aids and the

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  • AS 19 Control Panels

    Control Panels for various applications on Aircraft/Helicopters. It offers the flexibility to send commands either through avionics buses or via discrete applications. To control the lights, the Control Panel sends commands to the IO-modules. Communication is facilitated using an RS422

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  • AS 20 Illuminated Panels

    Besides custom electronics we also offer custom-designed panels made from clear, heat-resistant acrylic. Our panels are painted with white paint and a spray-painted opaque gray color, featuring laser-etched graphics and an optional clear matte top coating. With NVIS-B LED backlight

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