Monitoring and recording unit with GPS receiver

The GPS Logger is used for offline recording of vehicle input signal data and location of a vehicle (via GPS). The device records time and location of activation or deactivaton of the input signals during driving. All data is stored on an internal SD card and can be uploaded to a computer via USB connector. This data can be further processed.


Technical specifications:
• reciever GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou
• storing data to microSD / microSDHC card (capacity up to 32GB) (custom data format)
• The card is located inside the device (can not be removed by the user)
• Storing of location in NMEA format
• USB connection ( data transfer to PC)
• 5x digital intut 12V/48V
• indicator LED
• antenna: IN / OUT(optional)
• without internal battery (data is stored only when the ignition is ON)

Optional parameters and accessories: 
• 2x CAN bus ( monitoring of parametrs of vehicle)
• Custom display apps
• Internal clock backed up by batteries

Mechanical dimensions l/w/h: 138x63x31 mm