AS 19 Control Panels

Control Panels for various applications on Aircraft/Helicopters. It offers the flexibility to send commands either through avionics buses or via discrete applications.

To control the lights, the Control Panel sends commands to the IO-modules. Communication is facilitated using an RS422 interface, utilizing proprietary short binary messages.

Technical parameters

ARINC 429 RX: 1× Input port

ARINC 429 TX: 1× Output port

RS 232/422/485: 1× Communication port

RS 232: 1× Service port


DIN: 4× Digital input, 4x ADC input

DOUT SolidState: 4x Digital output

Commands are gathered from 2-position switches and a rotary switch. The RS232/422 lines support a subset of NMEA/ARNAV/Northstar messages.

The panels are equipped with NVIS-B LED backlighting.

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