Diagnostic Panels

• Panels are fully functional and can simulate real vehicle performance.
• The panel contains several vehicle control systems with which it is possible to communicate, ie to read fault memory, to monitor the parameters and states of individual systems or to test actuators.
• The panel is equipped with a large number of measuring points, where it is possible to monitor individual electrical signals using either a multimeter or an oscilloscope.
• The ability to simulate faults in individual vehicle components.
• Panels are used for theoretical training in both serial and parallel diagnostics and are a very useful tool for teaching future car electricians and car mechanics.

We offer complete didactic solution for Middle and High School, Special Training Schools (Fachschule), Autotronic workshops and labs including diagnostic devices such as the TS PRO TABLET diagnostic tablet, the TS PRO COLOR diagnostic units and the PC communication interface to the TROODON PC INETRFACE CP 18, CP 18 student and educational software, courses of serial and parallel diagnostics on MOODLE portal, CP 18 CAN BUS interface and error simulator including updated software for cars, motorcycles, trucks / bus and other construction or agricultural vehicles. It always depends on the scope of the project and the terms of the selection process. We provide a warranty and warranty service for all products for minimum of 10 years.

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