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Aviation systems and avionics instruments

We focus on developing and manufacturing many alternatives of aviation systems, among these: analog/digital and digital/analog convertors, avionic data display units, engine monitoring unit, complete engine monitoring system including avionic cloud communication and software.

Flight Simulators

We can offer complete deliveries of all electronic systems necessary to run the simulator (implementation of electronic systems both for analog and digital instruments, control elements, MFD and for the main flight computer and display units).

Upgrade and Modernization

We offer final solutions in the field of aircraft and helicopter aviation systems modernization L-410, L-410UVP, L-29, L-39, L-59, L-159 ALCA, JAK40, TU154, An-24, An-26, An-28, JAK40, TU154, McDonnell Douglas MD-11, Dassault Aviation Falcon 50, MI 15, MI 17, MI 19, MI 21, MI 29 and MI-2, MI-6, MI-8, MI-171, MI-171S, MI-171Sh, MI -172, MI-17V-5, MI-24, Bell Helicopters.

Utilizing quality system ISO 9001:2016, we are a proud member of RTCA.org Alliance and our devcies comply with MIL-STD norms and DO 160, DO 178 standards

Aviation Categories

  • Convertors

    Analog/digital and digital/analog convertors for various signals. Compatible with ARINC 429, RS422, RS232 and others.

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  • Displays

    Instruments for displaying various parameters, such as telemetric data, engine monitoring information or attitude/horizon indication from various systems.

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  • Aviation Testing Equipment

    Equipment for monitoring and testing of the ARINC429 bus.

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