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  • Fully featured EMS (Electronics Manufacturing Service)
  • Quality is our top priority
  • 20 years of experience in electronics manufacturing
  • ISO 9001 certified

At DevCom, we are a team of experienced professionals with a deep understanding of PCB and electronics manufacturing, with most of us having over 20 years of involvement in the industry. We offer comprehensive production services, ranging from full-scale production to individual parts or specific operations within the production process.

  • Complete assembly takes care of the entire production process, including the preparation of printed circuit boards, their production, mediation of component delivery, continuous quality monitoring and final assembly of products.
  • For a partially provided service, the customer may supply their own PCB, components or a parts thereof. Any remaining parts of the process will be provided by our team.
  • We also offer services in PCB repair, assembly of cables and final products on the scale from samples to small or medium sized batches.

Technologies and Equipment


  • Preparation based on BOM (Bill of Material), component datasheets and other documentation
  • SMT/SMD data generation and analysis based on provided information
  • Special requirement implementation, technology restrictions and research of applicable laws and regulations
  • Finding suppliers for parts and materials in accordance with set quality requierements

Solder paste application and SMT component mounting

  • Automatic paste application
  • Manual PBT Uniprint-G stencil printer
  • SMT machines by Samsung
  • Maximum PCB size for SMT is 450 x 350 mm
  • SMT chip component accuracy of ± 40 µm
  • In-line SMT line
  • BGA size range – 0402 (0.5 x 0.25mm) up to 50 x 50 mm

BGA, QFP Soldering

  • Professional IBL Reflow furnace, ie. suitable for BGA components
  • SMD repair and replacement workstation for CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA and BGA

Manual mounting and soldering

  • OLAMEF forming machines
  • Antistatic workplaces
  • Welleman hand solders
  • Pb-Free technology (Pb soldering also avaliable)
  • Kraintek ultrasound cleaner

Assembly and inspection

  • Assembly for semi-products, finished products or prototypes
  • Thorough quality control of PCBs, products or prototypes
  • Visual inspection using microscopes and CCD cameras

Firmware loading and testing

  • PCB and assembly testing according to client’s documentation
  • Loading, firmware tuning, in-circuit a customer tests
  • Fully equipped laboratory with measuring instruments, instruments for testing specific parameters, including dedicated test kits and IT equipment
  • Vötch climatic chambers for continuous and shock temperature testing

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