Acromag products distribution

DevCom spol. s r. o. provides distribution for Acromag Inc. products.

Note that only products from the Embedded I/O & Processing Solutions section are available through our distribution. That includes following categories:

  • AcroPack Mini PCIe-Based Interface I/O Boards
  • PCI I/O Boards
  • Carrier Boards and Cards
  • PCIe Products
  • COM Express Products
  • PMC Modules and PMC Boards
  • CompactPCI Boards
  • Reconfigurable FPGA Boards
  • CompactPCI Serial I/O
  • VME Boards & VME Carriers
  • Embedded Computers
  • VPX SBC & VPX Carriers
  • Industry Pack Mezzanine I/O Modules
  • XMC Boards

Note: Products from the Signal Conditioners & Network I/O section are not available through our distribution at this time. Full product portfolio is available on the Acromag website.

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