Diagnostic tools

Whether you are looking for diagnostics for a private workshop, authorized service, or a specific fleet of vehicles, devices from DevCom are here for you. Czech diagnostics TSPro and Troodon offer a unique opportunity to customize support and features according to the needs of each customer. We offer diagnostics in the form of interfaces for connection to PCs or as completely standalone devices.

In the development of our diagnostics, we emphasize easy operability and user-friendliness. Long-term support is a priority for us – regular updates are provided for all devices, which are entirely optional. If you choose not to utilize them, your existing license remains active indefinitely. All updates can also be retroactively purchased at a uniform price.

Fully featured

Service interval reset and other advanced functions

Extensive database

Choose from more than 75 makes and 1600 vehicle models.

User support

Standard 2 year warranty and EU based service (Czech Republic)

Custom solutions

From scan tools for individual brands and automotive groups, all the way to extensive kits supporting all cars and trucks, buses, motorcycles and other machines. Our solutions can always be customized to meet customer needs.

Each customer can “assemble” the diagnostic kit exactly to their needs, chosing preffered brands and functions or purchasing a complete set. Various accessories and cable reductions are available. TSPro diagnostics can also be equipped with and optional oscilloscope module.

All of our diagnostics are designed, developed and manufactured in Czech Republic. This allows us to offer the most reliable solutions, with support for years to come.

Advanced diagnostics

DevCom diagnostic scan tools have access to an extensive diagnostic database for more than of automobile 75 brands and 1650 models of various vehicles. The main emphasis is placed on the control units of petrol and diesel engines, as well as ABS, Airbags and comfort systems. Available functions include service interval resets, ECU coding, DPF regeneration, Key programming, Automatic transmission adaptation and many others. The database is constantly expanding with regular updates.

Full list of our diagnostic scan tools can be found below. For more information about the integrated diagnostic software click here.

Where to buy?

The complete range of TSPro and Troodon diagnostics can be found on our eobd.cz shop. We are actively working on new distribution channels in europe and other regions. If shipping to your region isn’t available yet, please contact us via the form below for a direct order. If you have any questions about our diagnostics, please contact us at diagnostika@devcom.cz or by phone at +420284860938. You can also contact us via the contact form below.

Diagnostic Tools Products

  • TSPro 10 Tablet

    Modern multi-brand scan tool Durable diagnostic tabletMore than 75 brands and 1600 supported vehicles Diagnostics via OBD and modern Ethernet DoIP Optional SW updates The latest generation of TSPro series diagnostic devices. The goal in designing the new device was

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  • Troodon OBD

    Universal OBD diagnostic interface for all types of vehicles. This communication module opens up the possibilities of full serial vehicle diagnostics, can be used to access every control unit in the vehicle and perform all advanced diagnostic functions. The new

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  • TSPro Color

    The TSPro diagnostic device is connecting the world of mobile devices and personal computing. Our main goal when designing the device was to improve and add new functions to the TSPro device required by current trends in vehicle diagnostics while

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  • Troodon PC Interface

    Troodon PC Interface is an ideal partner both for a professional car repair shop and for personal use. This communication module opens up the entire possibilities of vehicle serial diagnostics of all control units and functions available in modern vehicles.

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  • TSPro

    After the success of the TS02 diagnostics, DevCom comes with a new upgraded car diagnostics device. The device combines the advantages of a portable device such as a TS02 diagnostics and a personal computer. It builds on the current trend

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