Diagnostic tools


We have introduced the complex TSPro diagnostic scan-tool, which is able to perform both in depth serial and parallel diagnostics. All our diagnostic tools combine great capabilities in a small, easy-to-use instrument. TSPro has extensive software data for performing diagnostics of automobile control units of over 75 brands and 1650 models. The main emphasis is placed on the control units of petrol and diesel engines, as well as on ABS, Airbags and comfort systems, key-programming, IMMO coding, automatic transmission a special functions. The database is very large and is constantly expanding. Currently it contains software for European, Asian and US cars, as well as for TRUCK / BUS, agro-technology and motorcycles.

Each customer can “assemble” the diagnostic kit exactly to their needs chosing preffered brands and functions or purchasing a complete set. It is possible to buy accessories or oscilloscope in versions: two-channel, four-channel and eight-channel. All diagnostic kits are licensed and certified.

Diagnostic Tools Products

  • TS Pro Color

    The TS Pro diagnostic device is connecting the world of mobile devices and personal computing. Our main goal when designing the device was to improve and add new functions to the TS Pro device required by current trends in vehicle

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  • Troodon PC Interface

    Troodon PC Interface is an ideal partner both for a professional car repair shop and for personal use. This communication module opens up the entire possibilities of vehicle serial diagnostics of all control units and functions available in modern vehicles.

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  • TS Pro

    After the success of the TS02 diagnostics, DevCom comes with a new upgraded car diagnostics device. The device combines the advantages of a portable device such as a TS02 diagnostics and a personal computer. It builds on the current trend

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