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DevCom Ltd. has extensive experience in developing “embedded” customized products that cover different platforms. They are mainly Qualcomm, NXP (Freescale), Marvell, TI, Microsemi and Broadcom chipsets including other microprocessors, RoboSwitch platforms and FPGAs. We also offer solutions in the areas of CompactPCI, VPX, VME, SFF, SBC, I/O, GPGPU, FPGA, COTS and RUGGED systems. We want to focus in the future on a specialization that uses NXP QorlQ® and QorIQ® Layerscape LS10xx ARM and TSN Ethernet Switching on Broadcom® DO160 / DO178 software capability for aviation systems.

We have had extensive experience with the DO-254, DO-178B, DO-178C and DO-160 aircraft systems which puts us in a postion of being one of the few licensed providers of critical avionics solutions for commercial, commercial, military and UAV programs. Most of the work is about maintanance, upgrading, modernization supporting Russian and Euro-American systems in line with the FAA and EASA, which address the needs of global airlines in hardware, software and system engineering. We also provide services in the field of aircraft systems mechanics and service. Our cPCI experience goes back over 20 years and includes HW development, BSP development, and serial and custom OEM production.

Technology and segment application covers a wide range of industries, including: Automotive, Aviation/Aerospace, Defence – Air/Landforce/Naval, Transportation, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Robotics, AI, IoT, Telematics, Household, Energy and Agriculture.

Industry Categories

  • CompactPCI® Serial

    Our CompactPCI® Serial Products Custom solutions via CompactPCI industrial standard for modular computer systems. As PCI bus technology has moved from a parallel interface to fast serial point-to-point interconnects, the popular and very successful parallel CompactPCI® specification PICMG 2.0 was significantly

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  • CompactPCI® Serial Rugged

     CST021-C02 RUGGED CompactPCI® - Serial System Card with processor NXP QorlQ® T1024, T1040, T1042 CS-C02 is a universal processor board with size 4HP/3U connected trough CompactPCI Serial Standard with a four 64-bit core QorIQ communication processor T1040 (or two-cores T1020 processor) with integrated 8-port

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  • HMI Solutions

    Industrial solutions by DevCom. For more information, click on one of the links below.

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  • Acromag Distribution

    Acromag products distribution DevCom spol. s r. o. provides distribution for Acromag Inc. products. Note that only products from the Embedded I/O & Processing Solutions section are available through our distribution. That includes following categories: AcroPack Mini PCIe-Based Interface I/O

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