Design and development

Development of electronics

We provide equipment development and design services according to customer requirements from initial specification to final product. We are able to provide services in the field of electronics design, mechanics, software, including the overall production of both mechanical components and complete assembly and product recovery.

In addition, we specialize in providing PCB placement services using the SMT method as well as the traditional method, including the possibility of revitalizing manufactured devices. We have a hot air and soldering station station and equipment for reballing BGA cases.

New Product Development

A number of prototypes are needed before a new product is put into mass production. We install them either manually, in the case of a small number of components and easy soldering, or on the production line machines for SMT.

  1. Creating a study of providability
  2. Elaboration and mutual confirmation of the assignment
  3. Verification by production of functional pattern
  4. Re-consulting the customer
  5. Processing of specific equipment design including PCB design.
  6. Installation of verification series (typically 5-20pcs)
  7. Production of the first series and verification of sufficient tolerance and possible manufacturing defects
  8. Production of test fixture for testing of mounted boards
  9. The offer of services also includes product support, ie searching for substitutes and other versions during the life of the product on the market

The speed and price of the whole development is then derived from these procedures. The usual number of prototypes depends on the complexity and well-defined assignment. Typically it ranges from one to five versions. It is always the case that it is better to spend more time developing a task than making changes during production or deployment.

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