GSM / IoT / Telematic equipment

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For many years, DevCom has been able to take advantage of extensive expertise in the field of IoT and telematics for the automotive aftermarket. This expertise includes a wealth of hands-on experience with a variety of skills and knowledge, including reengineering, vehicle communication, ECU protocols, SW quality processes, broadcast data analysis, benchmark tests, CAN-BUS and K-LINE protocols, and CAN-BUS communication in Android applications.

GSM / IoT / Telematic Products

  • TS 02-110 OBD Head: OBD Tracker with IoT Telematics

    This interface is used for communication with the vehicle ECUs. The unit can request extended range of vehicle data via OBD, read vehicle faults and check its condition and position. The unit handles up to 6 simultaneous CAN connections and

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  • TS-08 Camera CAN module

    The device is a multi function monitoring module designed for mobile applications in cars, trucks, buses, ships and any mobile vehicles or machines. Besides standard tracking functions such as Car Logbook, GPS tracking/positioning and wireless GSM data transfer to database or cloud, it has

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  • GPS Logger CST024/100

    Monitoring and recording unit with GPS receiver Parameters GPS / GLONASS / BeiDou reciever Storing data to microSD / microSDHC card (capacity up to 32GB) (custom data format) Card located inside the device (can not be removed by the user) Storing of location

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