Diagnostic module for ECUs and other control units made by BMW. Supports basic functions, such as reading and erasing fault codes, as well as more advanced service functions specific to various vehicle control units.

Autotest feature can detect all control units in the vehicle and read their fault codes automatically. It also allows users to erase all present fault codes from all of the detected control units at once.

Current SW version: BMW Bike v1 (2021)

Supported models

  • C600 Sport (K18)
  • C650GT (K19)
  • C evolution (K17)
  • F650GS (R13)
  • F700GS (K70)
  • F800GS (K72)
  • F800GSA (K75)
  • F800GT (K71)
  • F800R (K73)
  • F800S (K71)
  • F800ST (K71)
  • G310GS (K02)
  • G310R (K03)
  • G450X (K16)
  • G650X (K15)
  • G650GS (R13/31)
  • HP2 Enduro (K25/HP)
  • HP2 Megamoto (K25/03)
  • HP2 Sport (K29/HP)
  • HP4 (K42), R1200GS (K25)
  • R1200GS Adventure (K25)
  • K1200R (K43)
  • K1200S (K40)
  • K1200GT (K44)
  • K1300R (K43/11)
  • K1300S (K40/11)
  • K1300GT (K44)
  • K1600GT (K48)
  • K1600GTL (K48)
  • K1600B (K48)
  • R900RT (K26)
  • R1200GS (K50)
  • R1200R (K27)
  • R1200RT (K52)
  • R1200S (K29)
  • R1200ST (K28)
  • R nineT (K21)
  • S1000 R (K47)
  • S1000 RR (K46)
  • S1000 XR (K49)

Supported ECUs

Support for specific control units depends on the actual units available in the vehicle and their support for specific functions.

  • Engine Control Unit
  • Battery Electronics
  • Satellite Antenna Electronics
  • Integrated Charger Unit
  • Brake Electronics (ABS)
  • TPMS Tire Pressure Monitoring
  • Side View Assist
  • Alarm Control Unit
  • Immobilizer Control Unit
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Range Management Unit
  • Headlight Electronics

If you have questions about support for specific vehicles or control units, contact us via email info@devcom.cz or online contact form.