Neoplan Bus Scan Tool Diagnostics

ECU diagnostic module supporting reading and erasing fault codes, reading parameters and testing actuators on various vehicle systems. Available for buses made by Neoplan.

Supported vehicles

  • Centroliner DD
  • Centroliner (N4509, N4516, N4520)
  • Cityliner (P14-P16)
  • Cityliner (PC, PA)
  • Euroliner (PBX, PCX)
  • Jetliner (P26,P27)
  • Skyliner N112
  • Spaceliner N1117/3
  • Skyliner (P05,P06)
  • Skyliner (PB1,PB2)
  • Starliner (P11,P12)
  • Starliner PEX
  • Tourliner P10
  • Tourliner (P20-P22)
  • Trendliner (P23-P25)

Supported Control Units

Support for specific control units depends on the actual units available in the vehicle and their support for specific functions.

  • Engine Control Unit (Euro 4 – 6)
  • ABS Control Unit (Knorr, Wabco)
  • Suspension / Dampening Electronics (ECAS2, ECAS1)
  • Transmission Electronics (Astronic, Voith Diwa, Ecolife, Ecomat)
  • Instrument Cluster (Stoneridge, VDO Keinzle)
  • Other control units supported for specific vehicles

If you have questions about support for specific vehicles or control units, contact us via email or online contact form.