Setra diagnostic software

Complete diagnostics of Setra buses. Extensive support for control units, service functions, error code reading and clearing, parameter reading, and actuator tests.

Current software version: Setra v1 (2023)

Supported vehicles

  • BR 300 Euro 3
  • BR 400 Euro 3-5
  • BR 400 Euro 6
  • BR 500 Euro 6

Supported control units

Support for specific control units depends on the actual units available in the vehicle and their support for specific functions.

  • Engine Control Unit
  • Brake Electronics Unit
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Body Control Module (Central Electronics)
  • Modular door control system
  • Retarder Control Module
  • Electro-hydraulic auxiliary steering
  • Exhaust gas treatment system
  • Gearbox management system
  • Battery management
  • Auxiliary heating

If you have questions about support for specific vehicles or control units, contact us via email or online contact form.