Hummer diagnostic software

Diagnostic module for ECUs and other control units made by Hummer. Supports basic functions, such as reading and erasing fault codes, as well as more advanced service functions specific to various vehicle control units.

Supported vehicles

  • H2
  • H3

Supported Control Units

Seznam typů jednotek podporovaných pro vozy tohoto výrobce. Dostupnost a počet konkrétních jednotek závisí na typu vozidla, roku výroby a jeho výbavě.

  • Engine Control Unit
    Brake Electronics Control Unit (ABS)
  • Airbag Control Unit
  • Transmission Control Unit
  • Instrument Cluster
  • Air Conditioning Control Unit (HVAC)
  • Body Control Module (Central Electronics)
  • Tire pressure Monitoring
  • Parking Assist
  • Infotainment Unit
  • Steering Column Electronics

If you have questions about support for specific vehicles or control units, contact us via email or online contact form.