LUN 1760

ARINC HUB / Data concentrator

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LUN 1760

ARINC Hub is device primary designed for multiplexing several ARINC429 buses into two. Additionally it is capable of receiving subset of NMEA/ARNAV/Northstar messages over RS232/RS422 and reinterpreting them to ARINC429 messages.

Technical parameters

RS 232/422: 2× input port

RS 232: 1× service port

ARINC 429 RX: 4× input port

ARINC 429 TX: 2× output port

MILL 1553 (optional): 2× bus

DIN (optional): 2× digital input

GPIO (optional): 4× digital input or 2× relay output

General Parameters

Voltage (nom.): 27,5 V DC

Voltage (operative): 11…30 V DC

Current (nom.): 0,3 A

Power Consumption: 8,25 W

Operating temperature: -55 – 70 °C

Storage temperature: -55 – 85 °C

Humidity: max. 95 %

Connectors: Circular 37 pin

Dimensions: 177 x 39 x 134 mm

Weight: 1000 g ± 10 %

Device supports both high and low speed ARINC429 buses as inputs and outputs. Device has hardware interfaces ARINC825 and MIL1553, but in basic configuration are not supported.

lun 1760 block diagram

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