LUN 1794

Synchro/Resolver to ARINC converter

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Lun 1794

The converter is used to convert voltage signal levels Synchro/Resolver to ARINC digital value corresponding to the angle measured. The digital value is broadcasted on the ARINC bus. The device has three channels (3× – XYZ, 3× – reference phase) and for each channel it is possible to set the type of input signal synchro/resolver. A logical signal informing about the validity is attached to each channel.

Technical parameters

Analog Input Type: Synchro (XYZ) or Resolver (SIN/COS)

Number of channels: 3 fully independent

Analog Input:

  • 3x Synchro/Resolver
  • 3x 26V/36V 400 Hz
  • 3x reference signal, 26V/36V 400 Hz (ARINC 407 or Russian)

Digital Input:

  • 3x flag input – opto isolated

Communication interface:

  • ARINC 429
  • RS 232 for service only
General Parameters

Input Impedance: 20 kOhm, f=400 Hz

Conversion Accuracy: ±0,3 °

Power Supply: 14…32 V DC

Power Consumption: 5 W

Operating temperature: -55 – 70 °C

Storage temperature: -55 – 85 °C

Humidity: max. 95 %

Connectors: MIL-37, CAN 9

Dimensions: 206 x 70 x 100 mm

Weight: 1500 g

Supported ARINC labels

320 – Magnetic Heading

321 – Drift Angle

324 – Pitch Angle

325 – Roll Angle

235 – Baro Correction inHg

162 – ADF Bearing

274 – Heading Status

222 – Bearing

The converter is also capable of performing self-diagnostics; it monitors supply voltage level and input signal or its validity. If an error is detected the converter halts and signalizes error.

LUN1794.3 is successfully instaled on L-410, L-410UVP, JAK40, TU154, An-26 and L39 aircrafts and MI – 24, MI-17 hellicopters.

There are many old synchro or resolver systems (LUN1205 Electrical gyro horizont, russian GMK gyro among others) which can serve as sources of analogue signals for LUN1794 output ARINC interface is directly connected to safety aircraft systems from Bendix/King – Honeywell (EGPWS, TCAS System).

LUN1794 is also successfully instaled on russian Mi-171, Mi-17V-5 and MI 24 helicopters. There is as the signal source for heading GMK and for roll and pitch AGB-96D, AGB-3K, ARK-15 or ARK-UD.

Supported airplanes and helicopters

L-410, L-410UVP, L39, JAK40, TU154, Falcon 50, An-24, An-26, An-28, JAK40, TU154, Dassault Aviation Falcon 50, MIG 21, MIG 29, McDonnell Douglas MD-11
MI-24, MI-171, MI-171S, MI-171Sh, MI-172, MI-17V-5, MI-8, Bell Helicopters 

Variants specification

3× Synchro/Resolver
ARINC429 LS/HSLUN1794Synchro/Resolver to ARINC429
2× Synchro/Resolver
1× Synchro DC (DESYN)
ARINC429 LS/HSLUN1794.1Synchro/Resolver and Synchro DC to ARINC429
1× Synchro/Resolver
2× 1 phase gyro (ECFR 251)
ARINC429 LS/HSLUN1794.2Synchro/Resolver and 1phase gyro (ECFR 251) to ARINC429
1× Russian Synchro,
vertical & lateral deviation
OBS selector(Resolver)
LUN1794.3Converts analog signals of vertical deviation, lateral deviation and signals of vertical and lateral deviation validity from main output of GNS430 unit to format suitable for Russian navigation indicator NPP or similar. More converts OBS(ZK) selection from Russian NPP to GNS OBS Resolver input.
1× Synchro /Resolver
2× Synchro DC (DESYN)
1x GPO Relay
LUN1794.4Synchro/Resolver and Synchro DC to ARINC429
1× Synchro/Resolver (ARINC407/Russian)ARINC429 LS/HS
1× Synchro/Resolver
output (ARINC407)
LUN1794.5Synchro/Resolver to ARINC429 and Synchro/Resolver (ARINC407) to connect EHSI.
2× Synchro/Resolver
1× DC
ARINC429 LS/HSLUN1794.6Synchro/Resolver and DC Baro Correction inHg to ARINC429
3× Synchro/Resolver
3x GPO Relay
LUN1794.7Synchro/Resolver to ARINC429 and ARINC429 to Runway Markers (GPO Relays)
2× Synchro/Resolver
vertical & lateral deviation & TO/FROM
ARINC429 LS/HSLUN1794.8Converts analog signals of vertical deviation, lateral deviation and TO/FROM signals.

Block diagram

lun1794 block diagram