DevCom Ltd.

Electronic device manufacturing and HW/SW development

  • Automotive

    DevCom AUTOMOTIVE has been engaged in the production and development of diagnostic scan-tools as well as engineering and vehicle ECU, CAN BUS communication services since 1999.

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  • Aviation

    We focus on developing and manufacturing many alterantives of aircraft onboard instruments, among these: analog/digital and digital/analog convertors, avionic data display units, engine monitoring unit, complete engine monitoring system including avionic cloud communication and software

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  • Industry

    DevCom Ltd. has extensive experience in developing "embedded" customized products that cover different platforms. They are mainly Qualcomm, NXP (Freescale), Marvell, TI, Microsemi and Broadcom chipsets including other microprocessors, RoboSwitch platforms and FPGAs.

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  • OEM

    DevCom has been providing embedded design services for over 20 years and based on that it has developed valuable years of experience in dealing with customers. We are able to listen to customer requirements, take into account their wishes and needs, and provide tailor-made solutions.

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DevCom Ltd. is an electronic device manufacturer, offering quality solutions both in production and design. Its products and solutions are covering main industries and segments in the market such as Automotive, Aviation, Industrial Automation and HW/SW development.