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CompactPCI® – Serial System Card with NXP QorlQ® processor

CS-C02 is a universal processor board with size 4HP/3U connected trough CompactPCI Serial Standard with a four 64-bit core QorIQ communication processor T1040 (or two-cores T1020 processor) with integrated 8-port Gigabit Ethernet switch or two 64-bit core QorIQ communication processor T1024 (or one-cores T1014 processor).

  • NXP QorlQ® T1024, T1040 or T1042 processor
  • Four / Two 64-bit e5500 Power Architecture® processor cores with high-performance data path acceleration architecture (DPAA)
  • cPCI-S backplane with 2x GbE, 3xUSB, SATA, four PCIe1x or one PCIe 4x and one PCIe 1x, IPMB
  • Front panel 4HP with micro DB9 for Serial port, 2x RJ45 for GbE and 2x USB2.0
  • One PCIe 4x and one PCIe 1x via rear I/O
  • 4 GB DDR3 Low Voltage Memory with ECC, 64b, soldered
  • 2 GB Nand Flash, 64 MB MRAM
  • Slots for uSD and mSATA memory card
  • CAN bus – Optional three CAN to extension connector (via FPGA controller)
  • Real Time Clock with GoldCap backup

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