Universal OBD diagnostic interface for all types of vehicles. This communication module opens up the possibilities of full serial vehicle diagnostics, can be used to access every control unit in the vehicle and perform all advanced diagnostic functions. The new interface can be connected to any personal computer with a modern Windows operating system via USB, Wifi or Bluetooth. It is also be possible to connect to the interface through a mobile app available for Android and iOS operating systems.

Extensive diagnostic software allows serial diagnostics of the control units of all vehicles supported by customer selected software diagnostic kit. Both basic and advanced diagnostic functions are supported, such as unit configuration, sensor calibration, component replacement functions, service interval reset, coding, brake bleeding and many others.

Complete diagnostic

Including features such as oil change and service interval reset

Vehicle database

Selection of more than 75 car manufacurers and over 1600 individual vehicle models

Customer support

Interface language customization, customer support always available