DevCom Manufacturing

PCB mounting

With us at DevCom, we are a team of people, most of whom have been using PCB and electronics for more than 20 years. We install boards completely or we can offer individual operations from the production process.

  • Complete assembly takes care of the entire production process, including the preparation of printed circuit boards, their production, mediation of component delivery, continuous quality monitoring and final assembly of products.
  • For a partially provided service, the customer may supply their own printed circuit board, components or a part thereof. Any remaining part of the process will be provided by our team.

We specialize in fast service with high quality design. Our staff and our technology enable you to meet the most demanding customer requirements. Our production system allows you to meet your dynamic business needs. Our team of technicians and experienced manufacturing staff helped solve many of the customer’s manufacturing problems, and so we have earned a great reputation as the preferred manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

We also offer services in PCB repair, assembly of cables and final products on the scale from samples to small and medium series.

Pre-production stages

  • Production of your or your purchased parts
  • Preparation of production
  • Production according to documentation, sample
  • Drying PCBs and components before assembly

Mounting of components

  • Handheld (including antistatic workstations)
  • SMD Slots
  • Manual SMD (Samples)
  • One-sided, double-sided, mixed
  • Double-sided mounting from 0402 to BGA, 0.3 mm pitch


  • Manual
  • Reflow furnace for SMD
  • Mechanical and manual soldering of lead components
  • Use of lead-free technologies


  • Visual Inspection (Microscope)
  • Firmware loading and debugging
  • In-circuit, functional and other customer tests

Mechanical and other work

  • Mechanical mounting
  • Wiring
  • Packaging
  • Provision of freight forwarding and customs services
  • Other specific customer requirements
  • Production of metal planes for solder paste printing
  • Refilling of printed circuit boards in a heating furnace with hot air recovery
  • DPS treatment

Manufacturing work includes serial BGA and µBGA assembly, BGA replacement and repair

Our services, capabilities and technologies:

  • Mounting SMD / SMT components
  • Mounting of THT components
  • Optical (visual) inspection
  • Crimp connectors + wiring harnesses
  • Testing, animating and programming
  • Product assembly, installation in final box and shipping

The main custom manufacturing activities include:

  • Delivery of completely assembled printed circuit boards according to documentation
  • Use of lead-free technologies
  • Use of solder paste
  • PCB mounting plate
  • Drying PCBs and components before assembly
  • Double-sided mounting from 0402 to BGA, 0.3 mm pitch
  • Manual prototyping, SMD and THT components
  • Refilling of printed circuit boards in a heating furnace with hot air recovery
  • Production of metal planes for solder paste printing
  • Mechanical and manual soldering of lead components
  • DPS treatment


Surface Mount Technology

  • Soldering paste machines (automatic) and manual screen printing PBT Uniprint-G (manual)
  • SMT technology – Samsung SM422 pick-up machines
  • Reflow furnace IBL SL260
  • BGA repair workstation
  • Hot air workstation for SMD
  • Visual optical inspection workstation
  • Microscope
  • CCD camera
  • Ultrasonic cleaner KRAINTEK K-25

Classical component loading technique

  • OLAMEF forming machines
  • Antistatic workplaces
  • Welleman hand solders
  • Fully equipped laboratory with measuring instruments, instruments for testing specific parameters, including dedicated test kits and IT equipment
  • Vötch climatic chambers for continuous and shock testing

Basic minimum parameters of the line (please consult the limit parameters):

  • Install printed circuit boards up to a maximum size of 450 x 350 mm
  • Capable housing range – from 0402 (0.5 x 0.25mm) to 50 x 50mm
  • Placement accuracy for chip devices ± 40 µm (IC)
  • Capacity up to 30000 parts per hour (up to 150 million parts per year)
  • In-line SMT line with conveyors, loader and unloader
  • Pb-Free soldering (Pb soldering can be used in justified cases)
  • Washing of final PCBs (according to the order of the client)
  • Possibility of complete production including assembly of classic components and assembly

ZM-R6200 Rework Station


The ZM-R6200 service station is designed for demanding SMD exchanges, including CCGA, QFN, CSP, LGA and BGA with very fine pitch. The station has up to 3 independent heaters available. The hot air flowing from the top and bottom nozzles and the large IR bottom heating prevents the PCBs from deforming during remelting. The station has an adjustable temperature profile exactly as required by the SMD soldering process. The device is equipped with a vacuum pipette, replacing the QFP with fine spacing is safe and easy. The precision optical alignment system allows for mounting accuracy of up to ± 0.01 mm. The maximum PCB size is 410 × 370 mm. The station can work with 1 × 1 mm to 80 × 80 mm sleeves.