Signal Convertors

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Analog/digital and digital/analog convertors for various signals. Compatible with ARINC 429, RS422, RS232 and others.

  • LUN 1794 - Synchro/Resolver to ARINC converter

    The converter is used to convert voltage signal levels Synchro/Resolver to ARINC digital value corresponding to the angle measured. The digital value is broadcasted on the ARINC bus. The device has three channels (3× - XYZ, 3× - reference phase) and for each

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  • LUN 1792 - Analog signal converter ASC

    The LUN1792 unit converts analog signals of vertical deviation, lateral deviation and signals of vertical and lateral deviation validity from main output of GNS 430W unit to format suitable for Russian navigation indicator NPP 1485MK or similar. Technical parameters Power

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  • LUN 1760 - ARINC HUB / Data concentrator

    ARINC Hub is device primary designed for multiplexing several ARINC429 buses into two. Additionally it is capable of receiving subset of NMEA/ARNAV/Northstar messages over RS232/RS422 and reinterpreting them to ARINC429 messages. Technical parameters RS 232/422: 2× input port RS 232:

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  • AS 11 - Data transmitter and decoder

    The device is used to bidirectional data transfer between RS422 and RS232 line and to convert the incoming data from the RS422 line to the discrete outputs. The device also contains 4 currently unused digital inputs. Technical parameters RS 232:

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  • AS 08 - LED NV Brightness controller

    The device is used to convert the voltage levels of the input signal of the controller of the onboard instruments backlight regulator. The converter processes the input signals as an analog signal in the range from 0 to 27.5 V,

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  • AS 10 HUMS - Health and usage monitoring system

    HUMS - Health and Usage Monitoring Systems is a generic term given to activities that utilize data collection and analysis techniques to help ensureHUMS - Health and Usage Monitoring Systems is a generic term given to activities that utilize data collection and analysis

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